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7-13 Bar Cheap Price Low Pressure Piston Air Compressor
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Product: Views:2097-13 Bar Cheap Price Low Pressure Piston Air Compressor 
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Last updated: 2017-10-15 01:56

Low pressure piston air compressor

The standard mode is air adjustment mode, also can be electric adjustment mode according to the customer(only apply to motor below 15HP0

Each single unit is euipped with air tank when composed of double machine unit. And can be flexibly composed, without purchasing separately and thus save cost.

With low oil level switch, when the oil level is too low, air compressor will stop running, thus can protech machine.

Using air cooling system, inter and post cooler, with the charateristic of compact structure, low speed.

With a 4 micron air intake filter to ensure compressed air clean.


1. Light alloy piston effectively reduces weight and reduces mechanical power consumption。

2. Cast iron cylinder heads, and independent seat enhance the life of the equipment.

3. Equipped with the king of air valve "Herbiger" automatic efficient valve they make the equipment big capacity, more action, high efficiency, long life service.

4. Special design flywheel, V belt drive reduce the operating noise

5. Removable outdoor air intake silencing filter and 10 micron filtration precision effectively improve the quality of the air intake and reduce the inlet temperature.

6.Rotating components adopt two SKF rolling bearings, which ensure the stable operation and greatly reduce the wear and tear of the bearing.

7, cast iron structure: The air cylinder and the crank case use 100% cast iron material, guarantees the unit the service life.

8, air cylinder: The deep wing piece type, the independent casting air cylinder may 360 degrees eliminations produce compressed air quantity of heat. Between

the air cylinder and the crank case with the bold fastening, is advantageous for the routine maintenance and the maintenance.

9, flywheel: The flywheel leaf blade produces one kind “the tornado” the type air current to cool the deep wing piece type air cylinder, the middle chiller and the after cooler.

10, intercooler: The finned tube, the immediate packing blows in the flywheel gas place.

11, after cooler: The finned tube, the forced-air cooling type, install equally with the middle chiller in the flywheel gas blow place. Compressed air which discharges after the after cooler compared to ambient temperature high approximately about 20℃

12, offcenter unloading gear: Release from cold and in air cylinder's air, prevents the unit overload start.

13, adjusting device: All high-pressured unit disposes the automatic start/engine off control, moreover may choose the constant speed control and the dual controls.

14, self-refrigeration draindown system: The self-refrigeration wash water valve installs on the exhaust separator/valve's support, when the compressor engine off or unloads when the constant speed control mode, discharges the condensed water automatically.

15, electrical machinery: TEFC, the IP54 electrical machinery, conforms to the IEC standard.

16, actuation: The entire seal shroud “V” the belt transmission, the movement is steady.

17, foundation: On the Chungking Steel Works structure's foundation opens has the groove, the electrical machinery may move, is advantageous for the fastening “V” the leather belt.

Technical parameters

Model Air capacity Working pressure Power Speed Size Weight
(M3/min) (Bar) (Kw) (r.p.m) (mm) (Kg)
V-model V-0.8/10 0.8 10 7.5 910 1465*680*1130 357
V-0.6/10 0.6 10 4 710 1720*820*1450 450
V-1.0/10 1 10 7.5 780 1480*850*1580 480
V-1.0/12 1 12 7.5 830 1730*610*1320 405
V-0.8/18 0.8 18 9 720 1730*610*1320 405
V-1.4/7 1.4 7 11 1050 1720*750*1340 530
V-1.3/10 1.3 10 11 1050 1720*750*1340 530
V-1.2/18 1.2 18 11 900 1750*800*1400 620
W-Model W-1.0/10 1 10 15 950 1700*760*1440 500
W-2.0/8 2 8 15 1000 1700*760*1440 505
W-2.5/10 2.5 10 22 940 1840*870*1550 760
W-1.6/10 1.6 10 15 950 1700*760*1440 550
W-2.6/14 2.6 14 25 1020 1850*820*1560 770
W-1.5/17.5 1.5 17.5 15 850 1890*850*1490 700
W-2.8/10 2.8 10 22 1100 1840*870*1550 775
W-3.0/10 3 10 22 1100 1840*870*1550 765
W-2.2/14 2.2 14 22 980 1840*870*1550 772
W-Model compressor unit 2-W-4.0/10 4 10 2*15 1050 2050*1530*1500 1060
2-W-6.0/10 6 10 2*22 1100 2150*1400*1550 1440
3-W-9.0/10 9 10 3*22 1100 2800*2000*1200 2100

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